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What We Do
Residential Painting

We are dedicated to preserving and prolonging the life of your home. From minor drywall repair to updating the interior living space or revitalizing the exterior of your home – The Painting Pros will deliver exceptional results. We will take the time to make any necessary repairs and use only the highest quality paint and materials.

Commercial Painting

You want to take care of your commercial building. You know that a high-quality paint job, done by experts, can literally save the exterior of your building. Paint Masters Texas is a commercial interior and exterior painting company that responds quickly to your needs and works in a manner that doesn’t inconvenience your tenants and will save you hours of time, money and hassle. We’ll take care of it! Our company has built a reputation on unparalleled service. We guarantee excellent work, using experienced, skilled painters and high-grade paints. We’ll work nights and weekends in order to preserve your relationship with your tenants. We use environmentally-friendly products that conserve the planet and your pocketbook.

deck and fence staining
Other Services

If your deck looks a little dingy, cleaning it can help. But to really get your deck in shape, you also need to seal it. Constant exposure to UV rays and rain in communities like San Antonio can cause neglected decks to fade, crack, split and warp. Not only does a properly-maintained deck look better, but it also lasts longer. This is a multi-day project, because there is waiting time between the cleaning and the sealing. You can do it by yourself, but using a Paint Masters Texas professional will make life much easier for you. Contact us for a free deck evaluation.

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